Political System

The system of government : A parliamentary Republican.

Independence:in 17 March 1871, and declared as a kingdom, but it did not unite until 1870.

Constitution: Published in the 1 January 1984.

National Day: 2 june 1946. it is a day of declaration of the republic.

Administrative Division:Includes the 20 provinces.

The judicial system:based on the civil justice system and there are some effects of Canon law.

 Political authorities :

  • Executive authority: Headed by President of the Republic, he is elected President of the Republic for seven years , a sub parliament members (of the Senate and the House of Representatives) as well as representation from the regions.
    President of the government: He is the Prime Minister who is appointed by the President and his appointment is being ratified the Parliament.
    Council of Ministers: The nomination of the members of the Council of Ministers is by the Minister as a chairman and be approved by the President of the Republic.

  • Legislative authority: The legislative authority is based on the two councils system or a parliamentary dual system, which includes: 
    The Senate: consists of 315 members, 232 of its members been elected by the majority system, and election of 83of the members by proportional representation and the term of membership is for five years (the legislative period). 
    House of representatives: It includes 630 members, 475 being elected directly through the majority system while 155 of them are elected through proportional representation, the period of membership shall be for 5 Years.

  • Judiciary authority: : Dominated by the Constitutional Court, which includes 15 judges, one third is elected by the president, while one third is elected by Parliament, the union and the Supreme courts.

Important political parties according to popular impact:

  • Democratic Party (now it is the ruling Party) the center-right.
  • Phusia Italian Party (the Second party in the country, in the opposition now) the Center-Right.
  • Party of Five Stars. In the opposition, and it does not belong to any parliamentary bloc with either the government or in the opposition.
  • Northern League Party, in the opposition.
  • The Center-Right new Party, allied with the current government coalition.
  • Environment and Liberty Party, the leftist, in the opposition.
  • Brothers of Italy Party, previously Fascis.

There are others small parties, influential in the elections.